If you missed the first list on 9 online resources for academic researchers, check here. These additional 9 resources are useful and unique.

  1. OnlinePhDProgram.org: If you’re running a PhD programme and you haven’t tried this, it’s time to. OnlinePhDProgram puts up articles that can answer your questions about PhD programmes. Here, you will find study tips, career advice and other wealth of information useful for your academic research. You can expect to find more flexibility and real options related to your assignments and course content,
  2. Mendeley: Mendeley empowers researchers to connect and inspire each other. On Mendeley, you can find new opportunities. From funding your projects and collaborating, to organizing your references. You will also find tools for every stage of your career, whether as a student or lecturer. So, join the platform and get inspired by great minds.
  3. Institution resource centre: Most likely, your institution has an online resource apart from the physical library. It is easy to overlook this, but it is absolutely a must. This will help to localize your research. Make sure to use this to move your research forward. See an example of Oxford University online resource centre.
  4. Data analysis: Here, you will find a list of statistical tools to choose which best suit your research work. After all, it is important to get deep, meaningful information from your data.
  5. Wolfram/Alpha: This expert-level widget answer questions, does analysis and generates report from your data; the more specific you are, the more accurate your results.
  6. English for academic purpose/research: If you’re a non-native speaker of English, this is a must. You will find various resources for English for Academic purpose/research online, books or courses, to help brush-up your grammar. This will ensure you communicate your ideas effectively. What’s a good research without proper communication?
  7. Motivation: Ultimately, you need to stay motivated: Undergoing your research will have its own ups-and-downs. There will be stressful moments. At such moments you need to stay motivated. A social network can help you achieve this. Facebook groups such as Cheeky Scientists, From PhD to Life, and real-life groups with online support, such as PhD Events will help you stay motivated.
  8. Blogs to follow: The following links, [1], [2], [3], provide a list of academic blogs to follow. You will need those snippets of information.
  9. Editing and proofreading: What’s a good research paper without proper editing and proofreading? Make sure to get a proficient proofreading service for your research report/thesis/dissertation.
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